SunStar Plumbing - Charged Me Eighty Five Dollars After Son Inlaw Said No Charge

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I call the SunStar Plumbing Company in Youngsville, NC to check out my well. The owner sent his son inlaw to check the problem and told me I needed a new well pump and if I want us to repair it, I would need to call his father inlaw because he could not give me an estimate. I asked what if the estimate is too high, than how much would I have to pay him for coming out to check the problem, and he said no charge.

So I caled the office and was told it would cost 1200.00 to change the pump and that was a really good price, so I said ok. He said they will be there tomorrow at 8:00am. So it's now tomorrow and it's 9:10 and no one is here, so I called another company for the job (which their price was 600.00.....half!!!). Just as I hanged up the phone SunStar pulls up. I than informed them I already called another company to fix the water since he was not here when he said he would be here.....I got a little pissed when I'm waiting for them to show time is worth money just like there's is!!

He seemed very pissed, even though he was late and never bothered to call me and said I owe him 85.00 for him coming out here. So I paid it to get rid of him.

Never again!!

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